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Great memories, great friends, and great colleagues! I united medical equipment am thankful that I received a lot of support from my great colleagues and friends in the Walker College. One is my first selfie when I got my pin for WCOB.

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  • Via Highsnobiety.What comes after 10 years of success?
  • In fact I just won again the top award at Konica Minolta as the #1 rep in the US.
  • As organizations get older, the founders and other early leaders change from being real people to icons or caricatures.
  • If you’re wanting business 50th anniversary celebration ideas there are many ways to celebrate.
  • It is an event that marks the success and journey of the organization.
  • My accounting degree prepared me for my career, but the social aspect has helped me to network effectively.

He said, I’m hoping one day a student will take me up on the offer to turn this into a thesis. At that moment, I knew that student was going to be me. It turned into my Master’s thesis, a publication, and several conference presentations. Hugh turned into a mentor and a family friend and was an advocate for my husband who was hired into the program in 2010.

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If it is an e-commerce website then a discount on all the products can be a real celebration for the customers and a way to boost sales. Not only employees but also the clients and key customers can also be invited to join the fun. Employees can be asked to write well wishes and notes for future employees. If it is the 5th anniversary, you can open the time capsule post 5 years. It is a fun activity that does not cost much and a good way to engage employees. Announcing the anniversary and the celebration pictures on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, will help spread the news to masses.

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Thus completing a year indeed calls for a corporate anniversary celebration, as it is a chance to thank the people who are involved in the success and to celebrate the milestone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can organize a remote recognition event to celebrate a business anniversary. Use drop shipping to send awards and gifts to recipients’ personal residences. Also, read this blog post on how to keep company culture with a remote workforce.

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The referral bonus could be some or another discount or a cash sum. In this day and age, such a gift will be highly appreciated. How should we celebrate our silver jubliee for the 25 years of service towards Humanity in this lockdown virtually. More than 80 actors and filmmakers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe met for a secret reunion photo in honor of their 10th anniversary.

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At Walker College, I developed analytical skills, communication skills, confidence and a thirst for learning. Dr. Featherston’s classes and his stories about Wall Street days and nights. I loved to study in the student lounge on the second floor in between my classes in the COB. A hidden gem for studying somewhere other than the library. I met a lot of great people and got a great education. I was ready for whatever came my way because of the education I received in the Walker COB.

Beyond that, the WCOB shaped my attitude and perspective to make a lasting impact in my career. It’s lasting because when you’re an App State grad you understand the importance of people; of impacting and improving not just the business, but the people and the environment around you. It’s going into work and never having a bad day, not because you don’t face challenges, but because you welcome them. I remember dreading one of the required business law classes.

Corporates can also design some anniversary special stuff, which will be sold on the anniversary day itself. Corporate anniversary day can also prove to be a good day to launch a new product in the market. Employees can serve the community by helping people who are in need. Teaching underprivileged kids, helping them in terms of money, food and clothes can make employees feel good. Something like ’۱۰۰ years of excellence’ or ‘celebrating 100 years of success’ can prove to be an impactful tagline and advertises the milestone you reached. If one feels to have a low-key party rather than throwing a party at a swanky place, then ordering a cake for the staff is also a good way to mark the celebration.

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate where we come from, but they’re also to celebrate how we’ve changed. Establishing criteria and asking members of a planning team to rank the impact of specific messages can help yield a viable framework. Post the anniversary, you can also arrange a contest to re-design the logo, the best entry will win some exciting prizes like paid leaves, movie tickets or shopping coupons. Employees make the company and play an integral role in the success of the company. Thus thanking them with a suitable gesture on an anniversary is a great idea. Involve employees in decision making so that you know what employees want to have fun.

He shared the horrific news with me and we sat in that moment of disbelief, uncertainty, and anguish together. Some professors opened their doors to allow students in to watch the news as it unfolded and others simply told their students to go home. What I remember most is the feeling of connectivity and support within the halls of WCOB.